Betting Fun in the Sun

I went to the beach with some friends recently, and one of my friends wanted to do nothing but sit on his beach towel and play poker on the betting web sites while under his umbrella. We tried to get him to swim in the ocean with us, but he declined. We asked him if he wanted to play beach volleyball, and he didn’t. We even tried to get him to build a sand castle, which is one of his favorite things, but he didn’t even want to do that. We thought it was weird that someone would come all the way to the beach just to play around on their phone, but he was enjoying it.

We wanted to see what was so great about playing poker online that he would want to do that instead of having fun at the beach, so we started playing it too. I’m not exactly what anyone would call a good poker player, but I had played the game before trying the online version. In the first game that I played, I lost, and I was so mad that I stopped playing. Then after a while, I wanted to try again to see …